life size photo printA Lifesizer is stand-up cut-out print made from your own photo. A photo requires an image from a person where boundaries are cut-out automatically. A Lifesizer is printed on 5mm high quality cardboard and comes with an easy to unfold stand. All panels are made in full color and up to 1.90 cm in height.

A Lifesizer is a real eye-catcher for parties or commercial display purposes.

Ordering a Lifesizer is easy! For the best result:

• Make sure a person is completely displayed and natural light is used
• Take high resolution pictures (5 megapixel or higher)
• Try to maintain composition within panel width 32″ (80cm) or 52″ (130cm)
• Ready? Just upload your picture and choose a size!

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Every life size panel comes with a  stand
Every life size panel comes with an easy to unfold stand, self-adhesive
Life size panels are printed on 5 mm carboard
Full color print on high quality 5 mm cardboard


This is an example of two life size prints made from a wedding picture