Lifesizers is a leading manufacturer of life size photo pop up stands with dealers in various countries. The company was founded in 2011 with the head office in Roelofarendsveen, the Netherlands.

A simple product line-up is giving focus on easy to use quality prints and materials. The development of new products is made at the head office in Roelofarendsveen and we continue to drive the branch forward with unique, innovative solutions.

Lifesizers maintain control over the production with specialised production tools, high end equipment and quality routines. High quality material is used, professional production methods and precise tolerances, which is crucial for the final result of the products appearance.

The main markets of the life size photo products in 2014 is Western Europe. In 2015 Lifesizers will also be represented in Asia. The products are exclusively made and sold by dealers that also supply the printed images.

Life size print of a photo


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Head office in the Netherlands

Langeweg 8
2371 EG Roelofarendsveen
the Netherlands

Phone: +31 71 331 6967
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